Dementia and Alzheimers

Other Caregiver Relevant Resources

  • Ask Emma – Caregiver wellness assessment tool
  • ALTER – for African-American faith communities to better support dementia caregivers
  • Brain Health GA Event on 12/9 – registration link
  • CTE Resources from Dr. Robert W. Turner, II PH.D
    • CTE is a brain injury common in athletes
    • (Dr. Turner’s resources include some financial compensation for family caregivers, along with caregiver training and other support)

AARP Resources (not only for older adults, some are relevant for disabilities, too)

Mothering While Caregiving

Entrepreneurship for Moms

Medicaid Resources

My husband was approved to join the CCSP-Medicaid program via our state/region’s department on aging/disability after he was first diagnosed and needed to leave work on disability.

In 2020, his social worker later approved him and referred him to have a family member become his live-in paid caregiver. This was a blessing for about a year, but that family member was no longer able to fill that role.

In 2021, due to the pandemic, his social worker sent a letter to a home health agency chosen by us in our current region so that they can hire me, his wife, as his caregiver.

[Both caregiver programs are called “structured family caregiving”.]

Recommended Blog Articles & Podcast Episodes

Other Resources for Spousal Caregivers

Thank you for visiting my resources page. These resources have been helpful to me, and I believe they will be helpful for others, too. So, I am referring you to them for your benefit. If you decide to click the links, they will know that I referred you and may compensate me for that, at no extra cost to you.

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