Guest Speakers


Bonus Episode – Bride to Spousal Caregiver Announcements and Reminder

As we continue to meet and support you with your journey as a spousal caregiver, we will have guest speakers and topic experts to join us either on the podcast so they can support us around specific issues such as health and wellness or managing specific conditions like dementia.

Future guests will be announced once via the podcast they have confirmed and provided their details for me to share with you. I have invited several to join us.

Monthly Support Group Topics

  • October 2021 – Topic: Using Creativity to Cope with Caregiving
  • November 2021 – Topic: Using Gratefulness to Cope with Caregiving
  • December 2021 – Topic: Planning for Holidays While Caregiving
  • January 2022 – Topic: Making Your Wellness Plan as a Spousal Caregiver
  • February 2022 – Topic: Making Your Rest Plan as a Spousal Caregiver
  • March 2022 – Topic: Loving Your Spouse Through Dementia or Alzheimers


  • When are the support group meetings?
  • How can I become a guest speaker?

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