Who is this Support Group for?

The purpose of the “From Bride to Spousal Caregiver” virtual support group is to provide a supportive space in real time for women-wives who have chosen to become spousal caregivers.

Why did you create this support group?

When I first looked for support as a spousal caregiver years ago, all of the groups were far away and no one was doing them via zoom. So, I joined a group that was far away from my home, then I found some online forums including Facebook Groups. I am so grateful for the support these beautiful souls have given me over the years.

Why do this group via Zoom?

Many support groups are now meeting on zoom (due to the pandemic and the resurgence), but not the Facebook Groups that I love so much. So, I created my own virtual support group that meets on Zoom because several of the wives in some of the Facebook Groups said they wanted this… and so do I. Connecting in real time is important.

How do I get on with you all via Zoom?

If you are a wife who is caregiving for her husband, we’d love to welcome you into our zoom calls. It is free, private, and moderated. Registration is required. Use the button on this page to register.

Important Notes

  • These complimentary, private zoom calls are not recorded.
  • Any updates about these events are sent to those who have registered.
  • The current schedule is 2nd Thursday’s at 8:30pm EST (schedule updates will be sent to registrants as needed).
  • We may have recorded events in the future with featured speakers. If so, it will be announced to those who have registered.

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