Who is this for?

The purpose of the “From Bride to Spousal Caregiver” podcast and blog is to provide a supportive space for women-wives who have chosen to become spousal caregivers. Of course men-husbands are welcome, too, but understand that this space was created by a wife for other wives and the content is geared in that direction.

Why did you create this?

I am an avid reader and researcher, a published author, a public speaker, and a podcaster. I have been blogging since before blogs were called blogs (they were called online journals). I also have been podcasting since 2010 when I co-founded a group for moms who were working from home and building businesses from home. I know for myself that online resources can change your life and your perspective on life in good ways, especially when you are isolated at home most of the time taking care of children or other loved ones. I am aware that reading a paper or even digital book can sometimes be a challenge for anyone who is very busy at home, BUT listening can be life changing and eye opening while you are still busy at home or busy chauffeuring loved ones. I pray that this blog and podcast are just what you need to open your eyes and encourage you, give you information, and inspire your hope.

Why Did the Live Zoom Support Group End?

The zoom support group was not sustainable for me because I had some unexpected family matters that made my time less predictable.

Who is Donna Marie Johnson?

Donna has been married for over 20 years and became a care partner to her husband when he was in his 30’s. She became his full-time unpaid caregiver when he was in his early 40’s. Due to the pandemic, she was able to become his paid caregiver during his late 40’s due to a special program (to read more about this click here).

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