Spousal Caregiver, How Well Do You Know or Accept Yourself?

I am so thankful that I have had the honor of using my podcast to talk with women leaders who are compassionate and service-minded, and who are focused on helping other women to know themselves better and to be better. I started this podcast a while ago and have shared my own story, but sharing other people’s stories is so much better, in my opinion, because this sharing creates community. We are not islands, though we may feel like we’re isolated when we’re caregivers, and this is not healthy for us. We cannot fully know ourselves in isolation because there is no mirroring or reflecting available for us to see ourselves through other’s eyes when we’re just alone all of the time (or when we’re alone within a toxic environment of unsupportive people).

One of these wonderful women who joined our community to share her story and her insights is Vaneese Johnson. She shared that our American culture has historically put us (older women/spousal caregivers) into mental spaces that are not healthy for us, especially regarding body image and age-related topics.

Watch and see if any of her insights are helpful as you seek to:

  • become more self aware
  • improve your own health (inside and out)
  • accept yourself as you are right now (caregiving has changed you, and that’s ok!)
  • be the best caregiver you can possibly be for your loved one
You can watch on YouTube via The Plant Your Seeds of Transformation channel or go to PlantYourSeeds.show to listen to audio version.

Do you have any questions?

If you are a caregiver or someone that loves caregivers, please use the contact form* to reach out for support. I would love to become part of your supportive community… just as Vaneese recommended during our discussion.

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