What to Expect for Spring 2022

I am so grateful to the Lord for the opportunity to share about my journey as a spousal caregiver, and to also share resources that I’ve learned about over the years. I am a very busy person, and I am deeply committed to doing what I can to support the community of caregivers that I’ve been so blessed to connect with. So, for 2022, you can expect to hear me share and hear my guests share on my other podcast platform at PlantYourSeeds.show.

I have moved my sharing to that platform because I just cannot produce two separate podcasts at this time.

I believe you’ll find the other podcast to be totally relevant to your journey as a caregiver because it’s stated purpose is:

A Podcast Supporting Conscious Selfless Servant Leaders with Moving Past Trauma and Crisis

~ Donna Marie Johnson, Host of PlantYourSeeds.show

If you’d like to listen or to be considered as a guest expert for me to interview, click below.

PlantYourSeeds.show Podcast

Listen. | Contribute as a Guest.

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