Resources for Caregivers

One of the best things I can encourage you to do is to get on twitter and get more informed about the ever expanding resources available to support you in your journey as a caregiver or as a professional or loved one who is supporting caregivers. There is a vibrant, active twitter community designed specifically to help make life better for caregivers, and I would love to connect with you there, also. I am @bride2caregiver on twitter.

I have shared some of the following resources on the resources page here at, but I also want to mention them in this article because I want to make sure you see them.

Here are some twitter posts that may be helpful for you:





This is a brief article because I just wanted to quickly connect you all with resources to support you in your journey.

Also, our family life has gotten a little less predictable, so I am not online as much at this time. I hope to get back to blogging and podcasting more consistently after the New Year. Until then, I pray that what I am sharing so far is helpful.

Any questions or feedback? Use the contact page to reach out. I do read email and will reply either by posting a new article on the topic, or directly, if needed.

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