What A Decade of Caregiving Has Taught Me


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Show Notes

  • There are support groups just for spousal caregivers. WellSpouse.org is one of the ones that I use.
  • In one of the more recent blog articles here on this blog website, I shared about my experience being both a family caregiver and a wife, along with recommended resources for spousal caregivers. It’s an “intersectional” reality that is difficult to understand when you’re not experiencing it yourself. However, for pastors, counselors, and other professionals who are supporting me and other spousal caregivers, they have a responsibility to keep learning (on their own) so they can be/stay well informed and serve us better based on our very unique intersectional needs. We are not widows, but we have some similarities to widows that need to be addressed to help us live healthier lives and continue parenting our children on our own without our partners’ parenting help.
  • In one of my blog articles on my Lead Like A Queen business blog, I shared about the importance for leaders to address their loneliness issues by sharing vulnerably. I discussed this topic from my perspective as a spousal caregiver, also.
  • When I was a homeschool mom is when I started my journey is a spousal caregiver / care partner. Part of this process included helping my children, especially my son, to process emotions in healthier ways, and to deal with anxiety in healthier ways. I published articles on this topic on the Butterfly Homeschool blog.

Become a Guest?

In the podcast episodes, I have been sharing wisdom I have learned on the ground and information I have been learning by researching. Next year, I plan to also include the voices of experts and of other spousal caregivers to help you gain some perspective on topics ranging from self-care to parenting and beyond. If you would like to become a guest on this podcast show, let me know.

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