The Bride to Spousal Caregiver Podcast

Podcast Intro Video

About the Podcast

The Bride to Spousal Caregiver podcast show was created to share from the perspectives of Christian wives who are choosing to uphold their vows and support their beloved husbands during the worst of times, through sickness, and all while staring down the face of poverty (especially if he used to be the sole breadwinner and they still have school-aged children).

You can also expect to hear from guests who use their expertise to support caregivers, from widows who have perspective and lessons for us all, from mom entrepreneurs who are helping women to build their businesses and avoid poverty, and from others who are trusted advocates for caregivers.

Where to Listen to the Podcast

The first episodes are already on Anchor and Spotify. You can expect to see future episodes on Apple Podcasts and other podcast platforms.

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