UPDATE – How to Get Support as a Spousal Caregiver

As a wife who is a spousal caregiver myself, I understand how time and money constraints can make it very challenging to get support for yourself, even though you’re seeking the best of care you can get for your spouse. Also, I understand that when that spouse is not well, they may not be paying as much attention to you and how you are doing as they might have in the past. As a result, your health can suffer, including your mental health.

The good news is that there are many support groups for many types of people all over the nation and world, in person, by phone, in online forums and groups, and on video chat/zoom.

About the “From Bride to Spousal Caregiver” virtual support group #onZoom

This support group was created by Donna Marie Johnson (aka @leadlikeaqueen) and is held virtually via the secure Zoom group video chat app. It’s a complimentary, private, moderated virtual group that started out by meeting once per month for wives by wives.

The current schedule is available on the registration page. Registration* is required to attend (click here).

Important Note: After you register, you will receive reminders and updates. Please add it to your calendar in your phone so that you’ll remember to join us.

~ Donna marie johnson @bride2caregiver
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